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Rewild Yourself Walk

Become your strongest, most confident self.

About this course

Walk through the rewilding project at the stunning Bamff Ecotourism Estate, where beavers are transforming this organic farm into a wilderness habitat, and learn how that relates to the 3 step process of rewilding yourself. Leave the usual daily stresses to come to an oasis of calm and beauty that enables you to slow down and relax. The walk will teach you how to awaken your senses, to feel more connected with yourself and the natural world. When you rewild yourself, you're no longer alone -- you get help from nature. You can start to heal your health, energise yourself and understand the way forward that you need to take. What happens during the walk? 1) Learn about the process of rewilding yourself through the example of Bamff As you walk through the beautiful and increasingly wild landscape of Bamff, you will see how this reflects the journey you are on. Hugely inspiring and motivating. 2) Discover how to awaken your senses Learn how to bring your senses to life to connect with nature, bring a sense of calm, freedom and expansiveness. A form of mindfulness that's a perfect alternative or complement to meditation. 3) Forage for wild tea Gather flowers or plants that are in-season to make your own delicious tea. Foraging is a primal instinct and few things bring more immediate pleasure than gathering food in the wild. 4) Enjoy tea over a fire Relax in a magical place, sipping your wild tea made over a fire. Have time to sit and be still.

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  • Bamff Ecotourism, Alyth, Blairgowrie, UK


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