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what is rewiLding yourself?

Rewilding is about reconnecting to nature to restore what's been damaged. 


You may have heard of rewilding land, which removes destructive elements like pesticides or overgrazing, but how do you rewild yourself?

We teach outdoor skills like navigation, firemaking and using your senses because they foster self-confidence, resilience and a sense of connection that’s so powerful, you’ll never feel alone or lost again.

When you rewild yourself, you become the person you were meant to be and can then begin to help others. You connect to a deep sense of purpose and contentment and become who you always knew you could be, given the chance.

How does it work? There are three basic steps:

1: remove toxic things

Get rid of things that keep you from being yourself.

2: connect to nature

Learn skills that connect you to your ancestral instincts and knowledge.

3: give back

Go beyond Leave No Trace and be an active steward for the planet.


how we can help you

Five Senses Rewilding offers outdoor skills training that will help you reconnect with nature and build self-confidence. Adventures with Five Senses Rewilding promise to be empowering experiences that will inspire you to explore the great outdoors in meaningful ways.

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