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Navigation Day

Walk confidently on your own and never feel lost again.

About this course

Have you always done walks with guides but wished you could go off on your own? Do you want to try new places but are worried you’ll get lost? Learn how to use a map and compass and the essentials of navigation so you can take yourself or lead others in the outdoors. Every course is tailored to your specific needs, whether you want to pass a Mountain Leader assessment, plan a solo walking trip or take your family out safely for the day. Let us know what you want to achieve and we'll make sure you get there. What happens in this course? We set out on foot for the day, visiting different locations and landscapes to illustrate the techniques and scenarios. At each point, you will practice and gain hands-on experience in every skill until you have confidence in your abilities. Over the day, you will learn: 1) How to read a map what parts of an Ordinance Survey Map you need to pay attention to (and what to ignore) understanding map scale what symbols mean understanding contours measuring distance 2) How to continually orientate yourself using natural navigation techniques why a compass can help you reading a landscape to choose the best route 3) How to use navigate in extreme circumstances practice so you know how even in scary circumstances always know which direction you need to walk relocate yourself when you're temporarily lost using map and compass together how to avoid dangerous hazards 4) Why pacing and timing are critical know how far you have traveled so you don't get lost know how far to go so you can safely find your destination

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  • Bamff Ecotourism, Alyth, Blairgowrie, UK


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