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Bushcraft Full Day

Learn the essential outdoor skills

About this course

Do you want to feel closer to nature and rewild yourself? Do you want to enjoy the outdoors without needing a lot of expensive equipment? On this Bushcraft Day course, you will learn the most important nature skills that we have lost from our ancestors. In that process, you will free yourself from a dependence on others and technology so you can go outdoors confidently and easily. In this one day you will learn: Wilderness living Fire Foraging Shelter Knife Skills What happens in this course? 1) Foraging and learning how to tune into the landscape with natural navigation We start with a short walk to explore our surroundings and get to know our home for the day. We’ll forage for materials and ingredients and use natural navigation skills to settle in and connect with the environment. 2) Now it’s time to build our shelter! We pride ourself on leaving no trace and so we arrive at our camp with everything we need on our backs. The more you know the less you need to carry! With a shelter we can protect ourselves and a fire and make a workspace that is home for the day. We will forage and improvise with the materials we have and let the design of the structure be influenced by availability, time and skill. No two shelters are ever the same. 3) Learn the magic and necessity of fire with different techniques Now we will create a fire, we’ll have warmth and a way to purify our water, cook food and experiment as our ancestors did. The fire becomes the hearth and focal point of the day, our home, hope and connection to ancestral living with nature. You will have a chance to explore various fire making techniques with a flint and steel and a bow drill, learn about tinders and how to adapt plants for our needs. 4) How make a camp the best it can be With shelter and fire established we can look at our other needs, solve problems and make our stay more comfortable: brew pine needle tea, practice safe knife skills, make simple camp tools, improvise cordage, or sit and be still. This is not about macho survival. This is about learning how to be completely at home in the outdoors, learning skills that make it fun, safe and relaxing to be in nature, rewilding yourself in the process. 5) Leave it a little better than you find it Now you will feel calmer and closer to your natural self, and as our time draws to a close we will respectfully strike camp and remove all trace of ourselves.

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  • Bamff Ecotourism, Alyth, Blairgowrie, UK

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